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Inspecting pea crop

Our Mission & Vision 

SEED helps communities work themselves out of poverty in a sustainable way. 

Success is a community that doesn’t need us any more. 


To facilitate holistic community development in the socially and economically disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa, empowering them to be better able to reach their full potential, to identify and help meet their needs, and to participate more fully in society. To enable churches and other community groups to do the same, thus ensuring that the work is sustainable.


SEED has always aspired to the highest level of development, that is, holistic sustainable development and resilience: teach a community to work together, solve problems, adapt, understand connections and pass on knowledge and skills. We continue to strive towards this aim; we have learned to achieve and measure outcomes in projects that address one or two specific needs (e.g. income & health) and for selected members of a community (e.g. farmers, market traders). From 2019 onwards our strategy has been to aim for, and measure, more holistic outcomes – those which address a range of interconnected needs, and benefit the whole community. The diagram below summarises our approach and you can read more about our strategy and approach here.

Seed operating model
Tatenda volunteers to participate in the planting of his tree
Harvested tomatoes
Handbag making workshop

"SEED's focus is empowerment rather than aid, with the aim of long-term community sustainability & resilience."

Marie Nazombe, Trustee

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