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Planting 21st Woodlot in Kahari Village ward!

RK standing next to Headman Kahari holding gumtrees_edited_edited.jpg

"We are happy that Seed came to our rescue, wood shortages affect men and women hence we all feel the effects of shortage thereof. Thank you for coming in your numbers to participate in this unique program."
Headman Kahari

RK planting a tree with villagers_edited.jpg

SEED'S Community and Development Workers, Robert and Nyasha were delighted to plant another woodlot of 500 trees, plus a Tree of the Year, in Kahari village last month (January 2022) This was the 21st woodlot in the area! 


With wood so essential for life in Kahari, lots of people from the village got involved with the planting. The planting went very well  largely because,  the team had already prepared the land by digging holes for planting. The community members had organised themselves with men digging whilst women were using a thumb line to ensure the rows of holes were in a straight line. Following the heavy rains that the country has been receiving since December, some areas have since started experiencing water logging but this didn't prevent the tree planting. 


Villagers turned out in their numbers to participate as they appreciate the  importance of having their own source of wood in the form of a woodlot. 

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